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  • Essential Oils To Help Fight Coughs and Colds

    Essential Oils to Help Fight Coughs and Colds   Dear Families, I hope this winter will a season of joy, love, and well-being. Many of you have asked what tools you can use to help reduce the cough and congestion that comes from a host of viruses including Respiratory syncytial virus (RSV). Of all the […]

  • A Mutant is Upon Us

    A letter from Dr. K to his patients….   A Mutant is Upon Us Dear Families, Just when we thought society was going to calm down, multiple new calamities hit at once. Our government is struggling to manage and our hospitals are reaching their limits. I hope this becomes the conclusion to a very challenging […]

  • Dark Covid Surge or the Start of a Bright Future? – A Letter to my patients

    Dear Families, I hope this email finds you all well. As you well know, we are seeing a surge in COVID cases once again. I don’t think this should be a surprise to any of us. Our country has been spending more time indoors, and as we should remember winter physiology ALWAYS brings higher rates […]

  • COVID is now Breaking Hearts!

    Dear Families, Just when you thought there was no chance of more concerning news, a recent article appeared suggesting that COVID is breaking hearts. A recent JAMA article, attached below reported some rather concerning findings. The German researchers found that 78% of all adults with COVID had some degree of heart damage and 60% had […]

  • How to Keep Your Mitochondria Healthy

    Do you need more energy or better mood? Are you worried about your or your parents’ diminishing memory and/or dementia? We all need better focus, concentration, mood and to feel better. The answer supremely lies within our #mitochondria. In this video, Dr. K lays out simple steps to #mitochondrialhealth: 1. Cut back/cut out sugar, […]

  • How to Keep Your Mitochondria Happy & Healthy

    How do you keep your mitochondrial function happy and healthy? Learn how oxidative stress (cellular fire) can damage your mitochondria, and how damage to your mitochondria can leave you vulnerable to COVID19. Discover what steps you can take to keep your mitochondria healthy…. Click here to access the video:  Don’t take our word for […]

  • The Mitochondria- Your Immune System and Your Ability to Fight COVID19

    Do you want more vitality, resiliency and a strong immune system? Come and learn how the mitochondria can impact all of these things and more. As promised, here is Dr. K’s video on what role mitochondria (the energy-producing POWERHOUSE of each and every cell in your body) plays on your immune system. Click on the […]

  • Comparison of Societies During the Coronavirus Marathon

    Dear Families, As you know, we are seeing a rise in the number of COVID cases, and I am sure you are asking yourself how concerned or worried you should be. While we are seeing a rise in hospitalizations, it is reassuring to see that ICU admission and COVID-related deaths have been stable. Obviously death […]

  • The Coronavirus Marathon

    There is a lot of focus in our media (which ultimately plays with our fears and anxiety) about the terrible things that the coronavirus has done to many of us in the US and worldwide. What no media outlet seems to be doing is telling us how to improve and keep our bodies and their […]

  • How to Talk to Your Kids About the World Today

    Dear Families, A horrible loss of life has highlighted the racism that sadly still exists in our country, and against the backdrop of COVID, the frustration and anger triggered a few in our society to become violent. We are in very sad and chaotic time with so many emotions and thoughts flowing through us all, […]

  • Critical Thinking for Oneself

    A glimmer of hope…   Homeschooling and activity guide I want start by sincerely thanking Rebecca Chou (one of the mothers in our practice) and Dr. Kato for helping to create a guide to homeschooling and fun activities to do at home. Please find the guide attached below. The resource list is truly wonderful!   […]

  • Highly Sensitive Children & How They Can Thrive

    Now more than ever, it’s highly risky to be a “highly sensitive person” — HSPs, children included, are more sensitive to stress and threats, and boy do we have a lot of both of those flying around. HSPs really feeeeeel all the pain that others are going through and want to help, but that isn’t always good […]

  • Coronavirus: Getting on the Offensive

    For the PDF version of this, please click here.   Dear Families, I hope you are all well and staying safe. You have been told the only thing you can do is be on the defensive. I say it is time for all of us to go on an offensive against this virus. We are […]

  • Finding Hope

      In this time of great uncertainty, especially as the national guard is being activated, I felt it was important to start this message by giving thanks. I have been in touch with many of you, and everyone (including our elderly family members) are thankfully healthy despite contact with the virus. I want to say […]

  • Another Way to Look at Scary Statistics

    March 23, 2020   Dear Families,   I thought I would write this email in response to the CDC’s 1st MMRW report (mortality and morbidity) on COVID-19   This report then prompted this article:   The author reports, “Millennials are not invincible. The new data show that up to one-fifth of infected people ages […]

  • YOU CAN DO THIS: Fighting the Coronavirus

    I know you are scared. I know you are frightened that you or your loved ones will die from the coronavirus. I can tell you that I am not scared. I am not fearful that anything will happen to me, my wife or my two children. I am very worried about my older parents and […]

  • Cytokine Storm and Elderberry: It’s Not That Simple!

    Dear Families, Many of you have heard about the role of how a cytokine storm can ultimately lead to the deadly complications of COVID-19. As you are aware, those poor people who have passed, have passed because of a poor immune response combined with an uncontrolled inflammatory response that ultimately caused airway compromise. Some have […]

  • Coronavirus: COVID-19 Update

    **For the printable version, please click here.   Dear Families, Our society is in a state of panic. The question we must ask is if this panic is justified. To understand this panic, it is helpful to consider why this panic is here. Sadly, we live in a society that has become based in fear […]

  • 2019-2020 Cold & Flu Update

    Dear Families, Below is a link to our 2019-2020 Cold and Flu Update which provides an overview of what you can do to optimize your and your families’ health to prevent sickness with diet, reducing inflammation and supplementation to make your immune system most effective. It also gives a great rundown of what to do […]

  • Eucalyptus: the Superhero Against Coughs, Colds and Hand Foot Mouth!     Watch and see why eucalyptus is Dr. K’s favorite for coughs and colds! Eucalyptus is an incredible plant that has #antiviral, #antibacterial and #antiinflammatory properties. It is a SUPERHERO against airway spasms and can help fight against HAND FOOT AND MOUTH disease! See more of Dr. K’s videos and blogs here: […]

  • Fir, the flu fighter!   Not many know the great effects of Fir! Its properties help open airways to make breathing easier AND have been shown to be antimicrobial, making Fir a HUGE win for fighting the FLU! That is why we add Fir essential oil to our Cough & Congestion Essential Oil Mix.   Visit for […]

  • Got Colic? Fig to the Rescue!   Fig gemmotherapy is one incredible tool! It is the best GI lining restorer and aids improves digestion. Its mild calming and anti-inflammatory properties make it a great solution to combating and healing from colic. It is also safe to use for newborns to older kids! Fig also makes a wonderful tool to use […]

  • Cypress: The Unsung Hero

    Cypress is an incredible plant for so many reasons! Great to combat colds, antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory to help suppress and block mucus. It can even help clear the glands in the throat AKA be a lymphatic drainer. There are so many properties of Cypress to fight infections, coughs and colds. That’s why we include a […]

  • Cold Sore Treatment   Odds are you know someone who gets cold sores, maybe even your kid! Watch Dr. K discuss the BEST and MOST POTENT AND SAFE tool to use against cold sores: ESSENTIAL OILS!

  • Tylenol vs Teething Teething vs Tylenol: What if what we have been taught about Tylenol isn’t the case?  What can you do to minimize or eliminate Tylenol exposure and needless dosing to your little ones? And what do you do when your child is teething? If you have had a baby with bad teething spells, teething rings […]

  • PART II: Methods to Help Baby STAY Asleep Here’s Dr K’s second segment on sleep: keeping kids asleep after they have FINALLY gotten to sleep! 1. FIRST THING’S FIRST! Get a good sleep environment: * Good level of heat for your individual child * Sound (or lack of) i.e. noise machines, music * Cosleeping may not work * Blood sugar (wake up […]

  • PART I: Getting Your Child to Sleep! In our Part I of the Sleep Series, Dr. K describes the best and most natural ways to get your little one to sleep. This involves a good sleep schedule and hygiene. See below for a list of good habits in order of importance. Understanding your child’s rhythm. Winding down and getting a routine […]

  • Dr. K’s Adrenal Handout

    Click on the link below for a copy of Dr. K’s Adrenal Handout that up until now has only been available to his private patients at Wholistic Kids and Families in Santa Monica, California.   Adrenal Handout Wholistic Kids

  • The Importance of Crawling

    Is crawling an essential part of development? Kids that don’t crawl —I.E. have gone from sitting directly to walking—have been shown to have sensory issues, anxiety, nervous system issues, among other things. Is it 100% that your child will have these issues if he/she doesn’t crawl? Watch Dr. K give some very important info and […]

  • The Crabby Child – Is it because Mom is pregnant?

    You may think that your baby is acting up because you have another baby on the way. But is that the real, underlying cause? See Dr. K describe one of the most common — yet overlooked — issues that growing babies, toddlers and kids experience which leads them to behavioral fluctuations, colds and tiredness. Let […]

  • The Case of the Funky Rash

      Try to guess why this child had a full body rash! An immunologist, allergist, gastroenterologist and dermatologist all could not figure it out. Can you? You will be surprised!

  • The Ninja Toxin

    There is a stealth toxin that few ever consider. It can be in your front-loading washer, in your walls or just about anywhere else. I have seen it cause everything from severe allergies, chronic poor immunity, to strange behavioral issues and even seizure-like episodes.   This toxin is mold, and I had no idea how […]

  • When ADHD is NOT ADHD

    At least 30% of children who are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD actually have another condition that looks and acts just like ADHD, but is not ADHD. These children are being medicated because parents and doctors feel that there is no other option. Only recently, have we learned that these individuals have a condition called […]

  • Wholistic Kids and Families Cold and Flu Update 2018-2019

    Wholistic Kids and Families Cold and Flu Winter Handout Online 2018-2019    

  • Critical Mineral for All?

    There is a mineral that can balance brain chemistry and protect the brain from damage. Some of us are deficient in this mineral without knowing it and are suffering unnecessarily. We avoid talking about it because of stigma from 30 year ago.    In very large doses, lithium is a medication given to individuals with […]

  • A Wholistic Hack to Defeat Colic Part II

    GOT MILK? – ACT TWO If you think the structural issues were complicated, I am sorry to say that the rabbit hole only runs deeper. Before we get technical, we must first consider and rule out two basic things. Now, the following may seem obvious, but it is important to note nonetheless that at least […]


    When I was a child, every time I would get sick my grandmother would take a bunch of Eucalyptus leaves, dump them in a pot of water, drape a towel over my head and make me breath the Eucalyptus and steam. Grandma knew best, and it has only taken our modern science 30 years to […]

  • A Wholistic Hack to Defeat Colic

    I remember when our daughter was just two days old. For three to four hours every day, she would scream her head off. It seemed like the nightmare of colic was becoming real for us. Despite having cared for thousands of newborn infants, I felt helpless and overwhelmed. I could only imagine how much worse […]

  • MTHFR The Boss Gene

    Dr. K discuss the effects of MTHFR on our bodies and how it may be related to vaccine reactions and even autism. He discusses genetic testing and what to do if you are worried about this mutation.

  • Future Of Healthcare

    Dr. Katiraei’s view on the future of healthcare. Password: alumni

  • A Wholistic Perspective on Airway Problems

    A detailed discussion presenting an Endobiogenic model to explain airway problems including allergic rhinits and adenoid hypertrophy. This wholistic discussion also overviews how dietary and gut factors can trigger airway inflammation.

  • Making Sense of Vaccine Concerns

    I consulted Los Angeles pediatrician Dr. Pejman Katiraei, on the hotly debated issues surrounding vaccines. We took the most salient points from hour over hour-long chat, and this piece represents Dr. K’s perspective. In addition to his traditional medical background, he is also an expert in functional and integrative medicine.

  • Optimal Serving Sizes for Toddlers

    Below are the recommended number of servings and serving sizes, and representations of some of those sizes: GRAIN GROUP: SIX SERVINGS One Serving: 1 to 3-year-old: 3 to 6-year-old: Bread, whole grain or sprouted 1/4 to 1/2 slice 1/2 slice Muffin 1/4 to 1/3 muffin 1/3 to 1/2 muffin Crackers 2 saltine size 2 to […]

  • Iron Rich Resources

    IRON RICH SOURCES Certain vitamins and minerals are needed for your body to absorb iron. Vitamin C, in particular, is a potent enhancer of iron absorption if it’s eaten at the same time as iron-rich foods. Most vegetarians get plenty of vitamin C from fruits and vegetables such as broccoli, tomatoes, strawberries, cauliflower, kiwi fruit, […]

  • Introduction of Solids

    Introduction: There are many people who think they are experts in infant nutrition, and all these “experts” know exactly the right way to for you to introduce solids to your infant. There is ONLY one expert that you should listen to – and that is your infant! Your infant and their body will tell you […]

  • Instruction for Elimination of Diet

    The elimination diet is one approach that’s extremely useful.  It addresses many of our individual needs, and benefits nearly everyone who tries it.  Plus, it’s sorta fun.  It’s like planning your own research project – on yourself. Just don’t make things too complicated on yourself. The only really important thing is to completely avoid foods […]

  • How to Puree and Store Homemade Baby Food

    How to Puree and Store Homemade Baby Food Start by cooking the vegetable/fruit either by steaming, baking, or boiling. Note: Avoid using the microwave. Steaming maintains the most nutrients. Steaming, baking and boiling all allow for big batches of foods to be made at one time. Take the cooked vegetable or fruit and place them […]

  • How Much Food Should My Baby Eat

    Note: these are only guidelines. Listen to your baby’s queues to guide you! 4-6 Months:  If baby can sit up on their own and still seems hungry after breastfeeding, baby may be ready to start eating solids! Baby should be able to hold their head up, close their mouth around a spoon and “move” the […]

  • Food to Promote Milk Supply

    Lean Protein: Free-range chicken, grass-fed beef & bison, wild caught fish, eggs, miso soup, tofu, edamame, black & red beans, lentils & split peas, all beans & pea protein powder. Complex Carbs: whole grains, oatmeal (certified GF & non-GMO) legumes (canned or dry), all beans, (canned or dried). Healthy Fats: avocado, olives, coconut oil, ghee, […]

  • Twix

    Happy Friday Everyone! We can not believe that Halloween is tomorrow already, and we will have a full moon on top of it. How spooky is that?! Twix is one of our favorites candies out there, so we created a homemade version that will make any kid or adult up for a #delicious and #healthy […]

  • Pumpkin Chia Pudding

    As we started the #pumpkin talk, here is a recipe to do ASAP if you are a pumpkin lover like we are. Pumpkin Chia Pudding Yield: 2 Prep time: 5 min Total time: 2 hours – overnight Ingredients: ¼ cup chia seeds 1 tbsp ground flax seed 1 tbsp hemp seeds 1 cup of coconut […]

  • Crispy Chickpeas

    It’s almost the weekend and the games are back on, so we know there are a lot of families happy to have some sports entertainment to enjoy, so we have for you a recipe that will fit right into your schedule, our Crispy Chickpeas!!!! Yield: 4 Prep time: 5 min Total time: 30 min Ingredients: […]

  • Fatty Collard Greens

    How about some southern #collardgreens dish to smooth it out the week? We are all for it. Collard Greens are #inseason the whole year here in #california , so why not play with it as much as we can?! This Fatty Collard Greens can be eaten solo, you can mix with some eggs for powerful […]

  • Chewy Tahini Cookies

    I smell goodness on the way… The weekend is almost here and we thought would be a great time to share a #delicous #cookie recipe to sweeten our life’s a bit because we can all agree that times are a little strange and hard lately, so why not have a Chewy Tahini Cookie to bring some joy to […]

  • Nachos

    Happy Labor Day Everyone from the Wahls Wholistic Kids family! We are enjoying this journey with you and wanted to share our appreciation for you.⁠ ⁠ Last week we made a delicious #tacomeat and thinking about a #comfortfood to eat on a holiday Monday, spending some extra time with our family and friends we created a #nacho recipe to get everyone’s […]

  • Taco Meat

    In our world is #taco day every day, right?!⁠ We enjoy our #tacomeat inside tortillas, on nachos, tossed on salads, inside burritos, mixed in some pasta, even with scrambled eggs they go good together. We got creative with the spices to bring the best of this staple recipe that, we hope, everyone will eat until […]

  • Veggie Skillet

    Now that we know how important #broccoli is to our health, how about a recipe that will not only make the broccoli taste delicious, will also camouflage some #asparagus into the mix and be able to be added in various ways?⁠ We came up with this veggie #skillet , that we hope you will enjoy […]

  • Dahl

    Dahl How do you all feel about a bowl that is full of flavors, has a crazy amount of health benefits and that can please the whole family? We love it! That’s how we feel about #Dahl , this Indian inspired dish brings a lot to the table. It is pack with #antioxidants #healthyfats #plantbasedproteins […]

  • Quinoa- Basic

    This #ancientgrain is getting more famous by the minute, even though that is called an “ancient grain’, it is actually a seed. We love working with #Quinoa because it’s super versatile and easy to prepare. This cute little seed is a powerhouse of nutrition, giving you tons of antioxidants, minerals, and a great source of […]

  • Vegan Sweet Potato Mash

    Vegan Sweet Potato Mash⁠ As you can see, we are on a roll for sneaking veggies on some delicious and different ways to do #mashpotatoes , today we are mixing some #mushrooms , #bokchoy & #bellpeppers into the mix, you ready for it?!⁠ ⁠ Yield: 2 cups ⁠ Prep time: 15 min⁠ Total time: 30 […]

  • Brussels Sprouts Hash

    As we talked about our star of the show Brussels Sprouts this week, here is an amazing and delicious recipe that we hope that the whole family will enjoy it. You can do this recipe all-vegan if you wish. Now to the recipe… Yield: 4 Prep time: 10 min Total time: 30 min Ingredients: 10 […]

  • Blueberry Spinach Popsicles

    BLUEBERRY SPINACH POPSICLES! Any parent that has tried to hide veggies in their kids’ food knows that color is key. In our blueberry popsicles, we found the right way to get in some fresh spinach (high in iron, magnesium, vitamins B6, B9, C, E, and K, folic acid and CAROTENOIDS) AND maybe even some goat […]

  • Pulled Pork

    Aren’t you excited for the long weekend coming up? We for sure are! That means extra time to spend with our loved ones and maybe some extra time in the kitchen cooking something delicious. This #PulledPork recipe doesn’t require much preparation time, but it does take a bit to cook as you will cook it in the #SlowCooker, […]

  • Ranch Dressing

    As we shared our magical #SweetPotatoFries recipe yesterday, we thought would be a great idea to add a #RanchDressing to the mix, because we love to eat them together, and we think is a great easy to go recipe to have in hands as Ranch Dressing is one the top ten in the dressing world, don’t you agree?! Now […]

  • Sweet Potato Fries

    4th of July long weekend is almost here and we think that a side of #SweetPotatoFries can be a great idea to pair with burgers, a nice steak, grilled tofu, or a good afternoon snack.⁠ We bet that your family will start requesting more often than the holiday season, and we spiced it up with tons of […]

  • Creamed Corn

    ⁠ #ComfortFood shouldn’t be something to be scared off, but we know that #corn is not accepted in a lot of our patients and a lot of of people diets due to their dietary restrictions because of what their are going through, but growing up we always had #CreamedCorn for a #cozy #sidedish , and as we allow the use of #organic #nongmo in moderation, we […]

  • Strawberry Ice Cream

    What better way to let summer in than with some super easy, super tasty and fresh, homemade, #nonglycemic #strawberryicecream ?!   Ingredients: 1 can coconut cream 1/2 c coconut sugar 1/2 strawberries 🍓 1 tsp ice cream salt 1 heavy pinch each ground cloves & ground turmeric Directions: Blend all ingredients together and transfer to ice cream […]

  • Peach Cobbler

    This Peach Cobbler is a perfect blend of textures and extremely tasteful! Now to the recipe, shall we?!⁠ ⁠⁠ Yield: 8 ⁠ Prep time: 20 min⁠ Total time: 1 hr 45 min⁠ ⁠ Ingredients⁠ Filling:⁠ 6-8 ripe peaches (you can grill them if you wish, as like it better grilled)⁠ ¾ maple syrup⁠ ¼ cup […]

  • Summer Grilled Zucchini

    Ask (almost) any kid and they will tell you that zucchini would not be on the top 5 favorite list… or the top 20! Many of our test group kids seemed to like the smokey flavor of the grill paired with the freshness of lemon zest (or a spritz of lemon!). Easy to do ahead […]

  • BIG, BAD BBQ Sauce

    We are very excited to share our smooth, tangy and #nonglycemic BBQ sauce! With just a little prep, this FLAVOR BOMB will make steaks, chicken, pulled pork and even veggies a party! Just keep it in airtight container for up to 1 month. ⁠ PS it can also be frozen!⁠ ⁠ ⁠ ⁠ Ingredients:⁠ ⁠ 6 oz […]

  • BBQ Bacon-y Scallops⁠

    Bacon-wrapped Scallops, an easy way to get nervous-system good fats, thyroid-loving iodine, Omega-3 fatty acids, B12, calcium and iron (not to mention a whole lot of wonderful protein). ⁠ ⁠ Added bonus: this is a totally recipe that the kids will love to help make!⁠ ⁠⁠ Ingredients⁠ 4 slices bacon, sliced in half lengthwise⁠ 1 […]

  • Hemp Milk (nondairy milk sub)

    Here is a super basic Hemp Milk recipe that can be used like any #nondairy milk choice:⁠ ⁠ Hemp Milk⁠ ⁠ Yields: 2 cups⁠ Ingredients⁠ – 1/4 cup hulled hemp seeds⁠ – 2 cups of water⁠ ⁠ Directions⁠ – Blend the ingredients in a high-speed blender for 1 minute and keep it in the refrigerator for […]

  • Chimichurri Sauce

    A DELICIOUS  sauce topping our #roastedcauliflower recipe from a couple of days ago is the Argentinian dynamo chimichurri! Our at-home, Wahls-loving #chimichurri sauce is an incredibly tasty addition to meats, chicken, roasted veggies, mashed potatoes and even salad dressing! Just omit the chili flakes if serving to the kiddies. * 1 part garlic powder * 1 […]

  • Roasting the Perfect Cauli

    Getting the perfectly roasted cauliflower shouldnt be this complicated endeavor. It’s just a matter of knowing what type of end product you want: a whole head or sliced in steaks. If it’s the latter (pictured), making sure you have thick (1.5” to 2” cross sections) and even slices is key. If you are looking to […]

  • Sumac Roasted Chicken

    Sundays are for easy roasted chicken dinners with lots of flavor and little effort. All you need are a bunch of roast double veggies, fragrant herbs and powerhouse antioxidant spices. In this version, sumac leaves the show giving earthy nurse, tanginess and Your Highness. Added spices like turmeric, paprika and a pinch of saffron give […]

  • Guacamole

    You can’t make everyone happy. You’re not an avocado 🥑. Great guacamole isn’t hard. You need to start w some great avocados, add acid, spices and some good mashing (not food processing, which can change the flavor —AND give the consistency of baby food. NO GRACIAS!!)⛔️ Here’s our take: 🥑4 large haas avocados 🧅1/4 red […]

  • Flax Smoothie

    If you are looking for a way to sneak some high-quality fibers and healthy fats into your family’s diet, this Flax Smoothie will be your best friend. Flaxseeds are a great source of omega 3s which has great anti-inflammatory effects, high in fiber to keep your digestive system healthy, helps balance blood sugar spikes, and […]

  • Pomegranate Scallops

    We don’t know about you but we get bored with the same ole same ole scallop dishes. Adding a bit of pomegranate molasses gives a bright, beautiful and tangy finish! Pomegranate Scallops Ingredients: 10 large scallops, rinsed and dried 3 tbsp ghee (or refined coconut oil) 2 cloves garlic, crushed 1/8 tsp turmeric, optional 1/4 […]

  • Green Forest Basic Puree

    We decide to call this baby food the Green Forest Basic Puree because when we look at it, it reminds us of the depth of the woods, where your soul feels in peace with so much nature around. Pretty much what this puree does to the baby’s body and ours too, it feeds us with […]

  • Chocolate Cupcakes (or Cake!)

    Now that you checked your pantry and saw you have all the ingredients for the Avocado Chocolate Frosting posted at the previous post, you are wondering what good recipe would be good to the frosting on top???? I have a solution for it and it is a Chocolate Cupcake that can be, also, made into […]

  • Super Chocolate Avocado Frosting

    So, with this recipe, we need to be straight up honest so that you’re aware because it’s so #freakingdelicious: you might need to hide this in the deep corner of the fridge so you don’t keep going for more… and make sure that nobody is dipping their little fingers for a little “taste”. A #chocolatefrosting that is filled […]

  • Sneaky Mac-n-Cheese

    Here is a recipe that you can do for the rest of the family with the same blend you just got ready for your baby, it is a Sneaky Mac n Cheese that will please everyone and they will be asking for more, so we would recommend making a bigger batch… just in case! Yield: […]

  • Butternut-Carrot-Golden Beet Baby Puree

    We know how hard and challenging it can be to cook food for the whole family when you have a baby that is starting with #solidfoods and the rest of the family that already eat regular foods. That’s why we created some basic blends to have in hands that not only your baby can eat at […]

  • Kimchi Hummus

    It is great to see that kids have been enjoying #hummus to dip their veggies, to spread on their wraps and sandwiches… Hummus is such an easy recipe to do, and you can add/hide some great extra nutritional gems in the mix, like #kimchi that is a fermented powerhouse, that helps with #guthealth and with a #healthygut #, that comes with a #strong #immunesystem . Let’s […]

  • Beetdelicious Smoothie

    Beets contain a LOT of betaine, a type of antioxidant that’s evident in its rich, red-colored roots. The beet root is also good source manganese, folate, B2 and potassium, supporting bones and muscles. Just look out… too much turns your pee red LOLLLL. Below is a fast and easy way to get beets, spinach AND […]

  • Overenight Oats

    We enjoy things that can be an easy #grabandgo with as many benefits as possible. Have you ever tried #overnightoats before? If your answer is yes, this recipe will be a good twist, and if you never tried, this is a MUST! An easy recipe where you mix all together set aside and enjoy with not needing to do […]

  • Asian Cauliflower Rice

    You can try #asiancauliflowerfriedrice anywhere but why would you when we have the best for your body (and yummiest) right here? Yield: 4-6 Prep time: 10 min Total time: 25 min Ingredients: 1⁄2 red onion, small diced 1 carrot, diced 1⁄2 red bell pepper, diced 1 medium cauliflower, riced 4 uncured bacon strips, diced (or 3 cured […]

  • Curried Maple Carrots

    Curry is an excellent source of incredible #antioxidants and may help #lowerinflammation in the body. What better way to get your kids to eat veggies AND curry than a yummy maple glaze? Easy to prep (5 min) and just roast in the oven (400* for 25-30 min). Recipe below: 🥕🥕🥕🥕🥕 5 large carrots (peeled and cut) 1 tablespoon coconut […]

  • Summer Grilled Zucchini

    Ask (almost) any kid and they will tell you that zucchini would not be on the top 5 favorite list… or the top 20! Many of our test group kids seemed to like the smokey flavor of the grill paired with the freshness of lemon zest (or a spritz of lemon!). Easy to do ahead […]

  • BBQ Bacon-wrapped Scallops

    On Monday, we told you we are going to bring it with the delish ideas for Fathers’ Day. And here you are ;))) Cue Bacon-wrapped Scallops, an easy way to get nervous-system good fats, thyroid-loving iodine, Omega-3 fatty acids, B12, calcium and iron (not to mention a whole lot of wonderful protein). Added bonus: this […]

  • Homemade Almond Crackers

      Prep time: 10 min Total time: 30 min   Ingredients 1 cup almond flour (not almond meal) 3 tbsp water 1 tbsp ground flaxseed ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp turmeric 1 tsp nutritional yeast ½ cup finely chopped baby spinach (optional)   Directions Preheat oven to 350F. Add all dry ingredient into a medium […]

  • Mighty Meatballs

      Yield: 12 meatballs Prep time: 10 min Total time: 50 min   Ingredients 1 lb ground beef (could use ground chicken, turkey, pork or a combination) ½ cup onions, finely chopped ½ tsp salt ¼ tsp pepper ¼ tsp cayenne pepper (optional) ¼ tsp garlic powder 1 tbsp parsley, finely chopped 1 egg yolk […]

  • Spaghetti Squash

      Yield: 4 Prep time: 10 min Total time: 1:30 min   Ingredients 1 large spaghetti squash 1 tbsp refined coconut oil or regular coconut oil Salt to taste   Directions Preheat oven to 400 F. Cut the spaghetti squash in half lengthwise. Scoop out the seeds and rub the oil and salt. Lay the […]

  • Quinoa Flour Pancakes

    This yummy recipe will SURELY be on regular rotation in the house. As always, ALL of our recipes are gluten-free, anti-inflammatory, auto-immune-friendly and kid-and-adult-friendly.   Let us know how you like them in the comments! Send a pic to us and you can get featured on our page! Yield: 12 pancakes   Ingredients 1 ¾ […]

  • Strawberry Muffins

    Yield: 9 Prep time: 10 min Total time: 40 min Ingredients 2 cup blanched almond flour ¼ tsp salt ½ tsp baking soda 2 large eggs ½ cup full-fat coconut milk ½ cup maple syrup 1/8 tsp cardamom (optional) ¼ cup small diced fresh strawberries 1/8 tsp sumac (optional) Directions Preheat the oven for 350F […]