"Prevention is our primary focus."

Ultra-Preventative Care Model

The Chinese have believed for thousands of years that physical disease is only a very late manifestation of longstanding imbalances within the body. It is the job of the physician to recognize and understand these imbalances and address them before they ever turn into disease. Our ultra-preventative care model is based on this very principle. Our board certified pediatricians and integrative and holistic medicine experts understands how genetic, hormonal, metabolic and other abnormalities come together to cause disease, and he can help you learn how to use foods, nutrients, herbs and other holistic modalities to keep your child as healthy as possible. We will take the necessary time to understand your child’s needs in order to be able to create the ultimate preventative program for him or her. We have access to the most advanced genetic, metabolic and nutritional studies and can use them when necessary to get an even more precise understanding of your child’s physiology and body. Prevention is our primary focus and it would be our honor to work with your family to help create the next generation of healthy children.