Holistic at heart.
Wholistic in practice.

Wholistic Kids and Families sees each patient as a complex and beautiful person. Through our specialized services, we have the ability to reach out to the many needs our patients have and provide solutions that also fit their own level of comfort and lifestyle.

Our services center around a holistic approach towards medicine and wellness and the belief that the body seeks to find balance and health on its own. Our job then is to provide the resources, opportunities, understanding, and tools necessary for the body to do so. We do this through a combination of preventative and prescriptive care plans that seek to address the root causes of problems, rather than just the symptoms.

Wholistic Kids and Families is an insurance-based clinic that is contracted with most PPO insurance plans.

Because we provide a large number of services that are not covered by insurance, we do have a monthly fee in addition to the insurance reimbursements. Please contact us for more information.


Ultra-Preventative Care Model

The Chinese have believed for thousands of years that physical disease is only a very late manifestation of longstanding imbalances within the body.

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Wholistic Integrative Services

Have you ever wished that your pediatrician would use or prescribe something other than prescription medications and antibiotics?

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Lifestyle & Nutritional Services

Do you struggle to find ways to get your child to eat a healthy diet? Do you know how to use foods to optimize your child’s mind, immune and detoxification systems?

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The Wholistic Pediatric Experience

Come in and explore a different pediatric experience.


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Individualized Supplementation Programs

Have you ever struggled to find the right supplement for your child or family? We have years of experience prescribing supplements for wellness and the treatment of serious chronic disease.

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Chronic Disease Consultations

When your pediatrician also happens to be a well-trained integrative specialist with experience in treating most pediatric and adult conditions, you don’t have to go very far for a consultation if you or your child become ill and develop a chronic disease.

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The biology of functions is a very special test that provides unique insight into the functioning of the human body. Our hormones and nervous system influence everything from inflammation, mood, growth, etc.

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