The Coronavirus Marathon

There is a lot of focus in our media (which ultimately plays with our fears and anxiety) about the terrible things that the coronavirus has done to many of us in the US and worldwide. What no media outlet seems to be doing is telling us how to improve and keep our bodies and their immune systems in such shape that if we were to be infected, how minimal that effect would be on us (if at all)! This is one of the biggest frustrations among all healthcare workers. Instead of perpetuating fear onto us, it is time that we look at how to better our odds of minimizing symptoms (and mortality) if and when we –and OUR CHILDREN– get COVID-19. After all, this virus and its affects on our society will not go away in the next week or two. Realistically, we need to adjust our thinking and our habits for the many months to come.

This isn’t a coronavirus sprint but a marathon.

Dr. K thoughtfully outlines a preventative plan to keep your immune system as protected as possible, what to do if there is a COVID surge in your area/city, and how to help your body if you have an active infection here. It also lists what supplements would help best for kids, adults, high-risk individuals, and for overall maintenance!

**Image credit Mike Birdy