At least 30% of children who are diagnosed with ADHD or ADD actually have another condition that looks and acts just like ADHD, but is not ADHD. These children are being medicated because parents and doctors feel that there is no other option. Only recently, have we learned that these individuals have a condition called sensory processing disorders (SPD); a condition that affects around 10% of the entire population. Individuals who have SPD have brains which literally cannot effectively process or handle the sensations of life. These children easily become overwhelmed by sounds, touch and even movement. The experience of life is too taxing for these children, and they are constantly in a state of overwhelm. Their struggle is then labeled as “ADHD” or even anxiety.

Fortunately, the right type of sensory integration occupational therapy can make a world of difference for these children. For many of these children, underneath the SPD is an energy production error, often times at a genetic level. These children have what is formally called a mitochondriopathy. The energy production units (mitochondria) simply do not work well, so they have far less energy than others. Physicians and geneticists are trained to look for catastrophic versions of these conditions (which lead to seizures and even death), but they unfortunately miss the more subtle cases that are not life-threatening but still quite debilitating. These children generally lack stamina and endurance. They tire easily at every level because they lack the energy to have the vitality we take for granted as “normal.” Not only do the muscles of these children fatigue but so do their minds, since the brain is one of the most energy hungry and dependent organs in the body.  When supplementation such as CoQ10, carnitine, D-Ribose, B-vitamins and magnesium are given to these children along with the right therapy, within months these children magically transform. Not only does their “ADHD” disappear but their academic and physical capacity reaches a level that was seemingly impossible before.

It is time we end the suffering for all these children and their families. I need your help to do that. Please help spread the word and get this information into the hands of the families that need it.

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Out of Sync Child by Carol Kranowitz

Sensational Kids: Hope and Help for Children with Sensory Processing Disorder by Lucy MillerRaising a Sensory Smart Child by Lindsey Biel


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When looking for an occupational therapist (OT), you must confirm that they specialize in sensory integration. Only highly trained OTs are able to tackle SPD.



The below supplementation guidelines needs to be implemented under the guidance of a qualified healthcare professional.

Mitochondriopathy treatment guidelines