Tylenol vs Teething


Teething vs Tylenol: What if what we have been taught about Tylenol isn’t the case?  What can you do to minimize or eliminate Tylenol exposure and needless dosing to your little ones? And what do you do when your child is teething? If you have had a baby with bad teething spells, teething rings and amber necklaces can only go so far. Constantly giving Motrin and Tylenol is EXTREMELY hard on little their bodies and comes with side effects.

Watch Dr. K explain the causes and effects of Tylenol on our little ones’ bodies and what we can do to minimize drug toxicity from Tylenol and the like.

Wholistic Kids has a magical Teething Mix that is a proprietary blend of fig, holly and olive gemmotherapies to help reduce pain, lower high fevers and gently ease our littles’ nervous systems. Without side effects, drugs or chemicals.

Curated over 5 years by hand by Dr. K, this is a HUGE favorite in our private practice. So much so that our private practice families (not-so-gently) nudged us to get these out publicly so that it can be available to their friends and loved ones as well! If your baby is teething as you want a natural way to help them through, our Teething Mix is it. We guarantee it.

Pure. Effective. Guaranteed. Whole.

Please visit https://store.wholistickids.com/collections/featured-collection/products/teething-mix for more details about our Teething Mix.