"We don’t just treat symptoms."

Wholistic Integrative Services

Have you ever wished that your pediatrician would use or prescribe something other than prescription medications and antibiotics? Have you gone to a holistic doctor and wished that they were slightly more conventional in their approach? Wholistic Kids and Families is neither entirely conventional or ultra-holistic. We are comfortable using antibiotics and medications when they are absolutely necessary. We are just as comfortable using diet, supplements, herbs, homeopathics and other holistic modalities when appropriate. We don’t just treat symptoms. We will work to find the root cause of your child’s complaint or condition and treat your child as a whole to help them be in optimal health and to thrive.

Holistic treatments we commonly use:

  • Extensive dietary treatments (Food Is Medicine!)
  • Probiotics
  • Supplements (fish oils, specific vitamins and minerals, etc.)
  • Herbal and plant-based therapies
  • Symptomatic homeopathic care
  • Breathing, relaxation techniques, and biofeedback