PART I: Getting Your Child to Sleep!

In our Part I of the Sleep Series, Dr. K describes the best and most natural ways to get your little one to sleep. This involves a good sleep schedule and hygiene. See below for a list of good habits in order of importance.

  1. Understanding your child’s rhythm.
  2. Winding down and getting a routine set.
  3. TV and other stimulants to be limited, especially at the end of day.
  4. Having a healthy adrenal function is key. See our link for the handout in the comment below!
  5. Calming with EO (lavender), maybe using a diffuser.
  6. Optimizing levels in magnesium, B vitamins, folate (not folic acid), etc.
  7. Using melatonin -for special occasions as needed, like flights/jet lag.