How Much Food Should My Baby Eat

Note: these are only guidelines. Listen to your baby’s queues to guide you!

4-6 Months: 

If baby can sit up on their own and still seems hungry after breastfeeding, baby may be ready to start eating solids! Baby should be able to hold their head up, close their mouth around a spoon and “move” the food to the back of their mouth.

What to Feed Baby:

  • Breast milk or formula AND
  • 1-3 tablespoons of food at 1 or 2 “meals”

6-8 Months:  

Formula and/or Breast Milk are still most important at this age and stage. Babies in this range may be just starting solids so the above for 4-6 Months would apply. Some babies may be eating up to 8 ounces of solid foods between 2-3 “meals” during a day.

What to Feed Baby: 

  • Breast milk or formula AND
  • Foods in  “Introduction To Solid Food Guide “ OK to give baby 6-8 months, 2-3 “meals” a day

8 to 10 months: 

Many babies will be eating 3 “meals” per day at this stage. Again, pay close attention to your baby’s cues as your baby’s feeding patterns will change daily and may be affected by the goings-on around him.  Your baby will eat just the right amount for YOUR baby.

What to Feed Baby:

  • Breast milk or formula AND
  • Foods in :Introduction To Solids Food Guide: OK to give baby 8-10 months, 3 “meals” a day