The Ninja Toxin

There is a stealth toxin that few ever consider. It can be in your front-loading washer, in your walls or just about anywhere else. I have seen it cause everything from severe allergies, chronic poor immunity, to strange behavioral issues and even seizure-like episodes.
This toxin is mold, and I had no idea how bad the effects of this toxin were until I had a few very ill patients with no easily identifiable cause to their problems. One of my patients was having severe hives and allergies. After months of searching for answers (elimination diets, blood testing, etc.), I finally convinced the family to hire a trusted mold inspector and sure enough he found that the inside of their washer was COVERED in mold. The mold toxins were also in their AC ducts and just about every where else. Another one of my families, the children were getting sick often and mother had been on numerous courses of hardcore antibiotics for “recurrent bronchitis.” It was not until the THIRD mold inspector that they found the one wall by their bedrooms that was filled with mold. I have had several children with “aggression” and “anxiety” who were also the victims of mold.
Fortunately, only a handful of people are affected by this, but those who are become VERY VERY sick. Chances are you may know someone who is affected by mold. Mold is a ninja toxin that easily hides. Most physicians are not trained to look for it, including the majority of allergists.
I have seen far too many people be horribly affected by mold and created this brief video to start bringing attention to this toxin.
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A wonderful resource is also Neil Nathan’s book – Toxic: Heal Your Body from Mold Toxicity, Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, and Chronic Environmental Illness.
Dr. K