"We will come to your home or hospital to see and evaluate your newborn."

The Wholistic Pediatric Experience

Newborn home visits 1: Newborn infants are precious and fragile human beings. A brand-new mother and her infant should not have to leave the comfort and safety of their home to visit the doctor. We will come to your home or hospital to see and evaluate your newborn. Extended Office Visits: Most insurance-based pediatricians are only able to spend 10-15 minutes with your child before they have to attend to the next patient. Fee-for-service practitioners are happy to spend additional time, but they will charge you for every additional minute. Wholistic Kids and Families offers another option. The standard annual fee you invest in your family’s health allows us to take more time to address your child and family’s needs and focus on preventing future problems and disease. Evening and Weekend Hours: We know you are busy and have a million things you need to take care of during the day. We know the inconvenience of having to pull your child out of school and having to leave work to come to come to see us. To minimize this inconvenience we have evening and weekend hours. Direct Access: Ever wished you had more access to your child’s doctor? Families in our practice have direct access to our physician via email, direct cell phone and text messaging at any time of day or night. You are also able to securely access your child and family’s medical records from the comfort of your home through our secured patient portal. Specialized, Members-Only Educational Programs: Most practitioners give lectures to generate business or sales, therefore the information you receive may be skewed in some way. We only provide education programs to our members, and since our physician and his specially invited lecturers have nothing to sell, they will only give you the most unbiased and accurate information possible about a given topic. List of upcoming lectures Cost and Fees: Our clinic accepts most PPO plans. Because we provide a large number of services that aren’t covered by insurance, we do charge a monthly fee. Please contact our office for more information.