In 2012 we started Wholistic Kids and Families with a simple premise; to provide the best possible care and push our own boundaries to help little people to stay as healthy as possible. As we grew, the little people in our practice had needs that we were powerless to address, so we started a small herbal pharmacy with a few plants to help them. It was not too long before our families were asking for products to help with coughs and colds. They had tried the products on the market with variable results and wanted something else. It just happened that Dr. Katiraei (Dr. K) is one of the few pediatricians in the country with formal fellowship training in medical herbalism, and through his training and expertise we set off to create mixtures that could really help support our families. We hand picked only the very best and highest quality plants and essential oils and started making our own cold mixtures JUST for our families.

Our initial mixtures got mixed reviews from our families. We took every comment to heart and kept revising and perfecting our formulas, and over the next three years our herbal pharmacy grew to include over 120 plants. With this wide range of plants and Dr. K’s expertise of how they all work, we kept evolving and perfecting our formulas until our families kept finding consistently good results.

When we developed these formulas, we never dreamed of selling them to anyone outside of our Wholistic Family. The families in our practice helped us rethink this. Over time, they kept coming in and buying our formulas for their friends and family and asking us how others outside of the practice could purchase them. We finally realized that we needed to expand the reach of these products to help more people. We hope that the same love and intention of healing that went into serving the little people in our practice will now serve your children and family.

Each day we give thanks to all the love and support we have received from our families, as this incredible energy has been the foundation of our growth. We believe that it is critical to give back this love and care to others, and therefore 10% of all proceeds from our supplement sales will go to help children with serious health issues receive the holistic and integrative services they need to be healthy once again. To achieve this, we have created the non-profit Wholistic Kids and Families Foundation, whose sole responsibility is to raise money and donate 100% of the funds to these children in need. Together, we hope to make this world an even better place for all! Welcome to Wholistic Kids and Families!

Adult Cough and Cold Mix

The Cough and Cold Mix is a blend of plants, which includes essential oils, alcohol based mother tinctures and glycerin extracts with some rather amazing properties. These plants are thought to bring down inflammation, break up mucous, and even have some anti-bacterial and viral properties. Many of our families have found this blend to be helpful in reducing cough and cold symptoms, especially when taken right at the onset of a cold. Due to the rather strong taste, we generally do not recommend this for children under three years of age. Do not use if pregnant.


  • Plantain and Licorice mother tinctures are thought to have decongestant and anti-histamine properties. They can help break up mucous, drain ear-nose-throat congestion, support the immune system, and may even have some anti-infectious properties.
  • Black Currant and Briar Rose gemmotherapies help reduce excessive inflammation, reduce ear-nose-throat congestion, and offer adrenal support, which is thought to boost immunity.
  • Verbascum glycerite is considered an amazing expectorant with anti-viral and bacterial properties
  • Cypress essential oil is thought to be a potent anti-viral, while also helping to break up mucous.
  • Thyme essential oil is considered a potent anti-viral and anti-bacterial. It can break up mucous and help open the airways.
  • Ravensara essential oil is considered one of the best anti-viral essential oils.

Children’s Congestion Mix

We created this mixture for the children in the practice who suffered from congestion and coughing but could not tolerate the taste of our stronger cough and cold mix. The blend of plants in this mixture are a combination of alcohol based mother tinctures and glycerin based gemmotherapies. They may be helpful in reducing excessive upper airway congestion and cough from colds. The treatment should work within 2-3 days. This mix can be used for ages from 9 months and up. It is taken orally and mixed with milk or beverage of choice. Do not use if pregnant.

The small amount of alcohol is not of concern for young children. If you wish, you can put this tincture in one to two tablespoons of hot (not boiling) water and let cool. The heating will evaporate most of the alcohol in the tincture, leaving just the active ingredients.


  • Plantain and Licorice mother tinctures are thought to have decongestant and anti-histamine properties. They are helpful in breaking up mucous and hopefully reducing coughing frequency.
  • Briar Rose gemmotherapy is considered a wonderful “drainer” of the nose/throat area, with decongestant properties. It can support the adrenal glands, which can help increase immunity during viral infections.

Cough and Cold Essential Oil

Some of our families wanted something more than just a cough syrup to help with really bad colds. We went through two years of constant refinement until we found the best combination of essential oils to help our families. This unique blend of essential oils are thought to not only have anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties, but may also have wonderful effects in breaking up mucous, preventing airway spasm and opening up the airways. Many of our families have appreciated the benefits of these oils, and we hope you will as well! This essential oil blend that can be used alone or in combination of our cough and cold mixture to help reduce cold and viral symptoms.

The essential oils are grown organically, but are not certified organic

Essential oils included in this mixture:

  • Eucalyptus may help break up mucous, opens the airways, and fights viral and bacterial infections
  • Cypress may help stimulate the immune system and prevents viruses from entering cells in our airways. It also may help break up mucous and open the airways.
  • Lavender may help reduce airway spasm and break up mucous. It also thought to have anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties.
  • Melaleuca is thought to help clear the ear-nose-throat region of viral and bacterial infections
  • Thyme is thought to have powerful anti-viral and bacterial properties. It also clears mucous.
  • Fir may help clear the airways and may have beta-agonist properties which can help open the airways and make breathing easier
  • Ravensara is thought to have wonderful anti-viral properties, possibly even against RSV. It may also work to break up mucous and make breathing easier.

Our products are sold in our office and will be in natural food stores in the near future. Please check back for updates!